What are the installation requirements for the rice color selection machine?

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The rice color selection machine has been widely used in rice selection and has received the favor of many rice manufacturers, improving the quality of rice and the efficiency of screening work. It is understood that many manufacturers have purchased a large beige color selection machine, but the results are not as good as imagined. The reasons for this situation are mostly due to installation environment issues or incorrect work sequence. Therefore, this article provides a detailed explanation of the installation requirements of the large beige color selection machine to solve the confusion in everyone's hearts.

Firstly, the installation environment of the rice color selection machine:

1. Strong light (lighting equipment, etc.) or sunlight cannot be directly directed onto the color selection machine, otherwise it will reduce the ability of the photoelectric system to capture signals, making it difficult to distinguish information such as heterochromatic particles, thereby reducing the accuracy of color selection, increasing the takeout ratio, and reducing the effectiveness of color selection.

2. Strong electromagnetic interference, such as high-frequency emission, welding, etc., is not allowed around the color selection machine, otherwise it may affect the normal operation of the color selection machine.

3. The color selection machine cannot be installed in places with high or strong vibrations, otherwise it may affect the effectiveness of color selection and damage the color selection machine.

4. The color selection machine cannot be installed in low temperature, high temperature, humid, and dusty areas. The operation room of the color selection machine should be isolated from other equipment in the rice mill and ensure good environmental ventilation.

5. The ground should be level and there is no need to embed anchor bolts.

Secondly, the working process of the color selection machine:

1. The rice entering the color sorting machine should not contain any stones, metals, or other substances. This requires the installation of reasonable cylindrical primary cleaning screens, flat rotary screens, stone removal machines, dust suction air screens, self balancing vibrating screens, and magnetic separators in the primary cleaning section. Various impurities should be removed as much as possible to reduce the content of heterochromatic particles, reduce the working pressure of the color sorting machine, play the primary cleaning function, and improve the efficiency of color sorting.

2. Before selecting the beige color, it should be polished first. The rice after polishing treatment is white and shiny, with a good appearance and no bran powder or other powdery substances. If rice contains a lot of powdery matter, high moisture content, long time, and suitable temperature, it is easy to clump in the channel, affecting the flow of rice particles. At the same time, the high concentration of dust in the sorting room will affect the recognition ability of the electric eye, reduce the color selection accuracy, and reduce the service life of the color selection machine.

3. Before selecting the color of rice, white rice grading must be carried out. After processes such as hulling, rice milling, polishing, separation of rough grains, and impact during mechanical transportation, some of the heterochromatic grains that have become crushed, mainly immature grains, moldy grains, yellow grains, etc. These grains have low tensile and compressive strength, high crushing rate, and a high proportion in medium and small crushing. Grading can greatly reduce the workload of the color sorter.

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