Why do we use a color sorter for ore?

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Why do we use a color sorter to concentrate ore? The ore color sorting machine is a lucky star for the rise of mining industry. The application of large-scale mining technology equipment that utilizes the principle of photoelectricity to separate the color of raw ore not only solves the technical deficiencies and quality problems of operators, but also greatly improves the ore production, thereby reducing the ore cost, which can be said to solve the above problems.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that compared to manual sorting, it is labor-saving, time-saving, and efficient, simplifying the beneficiation process and reducing processing costs.

On the other hand, many ores contain impurities such as white, shiny pure barite, as well as gray, light red, and light yellow. Due to the influence of impurities and inclusions. The ore color sorting machine works stably and has a high output. By grading the ore based on factors such as color, it is possible to select concentrates with high purity, uniform color, and improve the grade, which is conducive to the rational utilization of resources.

In the application of ore color sorting machines, unstable performance may be encountered, requiring frequent maintenance and re debugging. This is mostly due to the low stability of the optical system composed of the light source, background, and imaging system of the color sorting machine, especially on equipment using simple optical systems.

In addition, in the application environment, there is a lot of dust and vibration, as well as significant interference. Changes in temperature and other factors can affect the working status of the color sorter, causing inaccurate detection signals or changes in the delay time for controlling the opening of high-pressure gas valves, thus affecting the accuracy of impurity injection actions. In addition, the matching degree of the process and material issues will have a certain impact on the effectiveness of color selection.

The introduction of ore color sorting machines not only solves the dilemma of domestic ores, but also opens up a new chapter in the rapid development of China's mining industry. Make domestic ores have a strong impact on imported ores, break free from dependence on them, truly achieve a new revolution in domestic ores, go out of China, and go global! In this regard, the ore color sorting machine should spare no effort to develop and produce more potential fields, fully support the development of domestic ores, and become a booster for the new chapter of China's mining development.

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