Performance indicators of tea color selection machine

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The performance indicators of the tea color selection machine are determined under the conditions of the content of heterochromatic substances and rated flow rate, and are related to the type, color, and density of heterochromatic substances. Usually, when the content of heterochromatic substances is the same and the hourly output is rated, the higher the color separation accuracy and the lower the extraction rate, the better the process performance of the tea color sorting machine.

1. Unit hour production:

The tea color selection machine has great innovation, using dual lens and double-sided search, which increases the processing capacity of each channel and greatly improves the output and color selection accuracy. This number is only about a few dozen times that of conventional tea picking equipment, but the selection effect is far beyond that of conventional equipment.

2. Selection rate:

The sorting rate (stem picking rate) refers to the weight percentage of impurities selected in tea raw materials after color selection of tea containing impurities. The sorting rate of impurities in tea color selection is determined by the impurity ratio of the tea, and theoretically excludes special requirements for the length, shape, and specific gravity of impurities. Different color selection processes can be determined according to the cleanliness requirements of different tea grades.

3. Takeout ratio:

The takeout ratio (mispicking ratio) refers to the ratio of the weight of impurities in the by-products of tea leaves after color selection to the weight of qualified tea leaves. That is, how many units of qualified products are produced for each unit of impurity sprayed. The higher the purity requirement of authentic tea, the more qualified tea may be brought out. If the product is brought out with a lower requirement, it will affect the accuracy of the secondary color selection. If it is too high, the selected material will be difficult to handle, and the tea leaves in the by-products may run off or run away.

4. Color selection accuracy:

The color selection accuracy refers to the weight percentage of the selected tea raw materials containing heterochromatic substances after color selection, compared to the original qualified tea and the pre selected tea raw materials. The conventional tea picking equipment mainly consists of a ladder type picking machine and an electrostatic picking machine. The ladder type picking machine can only pick thick and long gluten stems, while the electrostatic picking machine mainly picks fine and tender gluten stems. These two types of tea machines have low sorting rates and high mispicking ratios. The identification of impurities in tea color selection only depends on the depth of the color, regardless of its shape and specific gravity, eliminating the interference of many other unfavorable factors.


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