What are the factors that affect the effectiveness of ore color sorting machines

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The ore color selection machine has been widely used in the mining industry for color selection. Many mining companies have seen that their peers use color separators to achieve economic benefits and have found that they also need color separators, but they often fail to achieve the expected results during use. So, what is the reason for this difference in effectiveness? In the actual production process, these indicators are comprehensive and have mutual influence and constraint relationships, and must be studied simultaneously.

Differentiation of raw materials

Different raw materials have different requirements for application, so when using an ore color sorter, not only should the output of raw materials be pursued, but also the raw materials should be considered. Different color sorting applications should be selected for different materials to optimize the color sorting effect.

Flexible adjustment of performance indicators

Adjust different performance indicators according to color selection requirements. If the color selection effect meets the requirements, the lower the sensitivity, the better. Excessive sensitivity improvement can cause the solenoid valve to blow too hard and enter a protective state, which may worsen the color selection effect.

Considering the impurity content of the raw materials

When there are few impurities, the gap between the two types of impurities is large, leaving a long reaction time for the system, which can improve the speed of the conveyor belt and increase production. Similarly, the higher the initial purity of the raw material, the less impurities, the higher the color separation accuracy, and the less impurities, the better the effect.

Color difference shadow

The color selection machine mainly selects materials based on different colors. Generally, normal materials and defective materials must have a certain color difference. The smaller the color difference, the more difficult it is to select colors, and the worse the performance indicators. Different materials with different colors have different color selection rates.

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